Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Dispenser Advances Buttocks Tech

Other than the iPod dock toilet paper speaker we thoroughly tested, there hasn't been any real advancement in the area of ass wiping technology in the past few years. This Hello Kitty dispenser changes everything with its automated dispensing unit that lets you program exactly how many sheets you want for your next… » 11/26/07 12:29pm 11/26/07 12:29pm

Toilet Paper Machine Does the Folding for You

Can't afford one of those fancy butt-spraying toilets? This toilet paper machine might be your only hope. It neatly folds and cuts your Charmin so you don't have to. And unlike the Lego machine, this one doesn't waste as much paper. Though naturally we hope the final version comes with an iPod dock. » 5/08/07 4:40pm 5/08/07 4:40pm