Man Invents Vibrating Toilet Seat That Helps You Enjoy the Magic Moment

Johnny Henry of Laurel, Mississippi claims that the vibrating toilet seat he has concocted "is designed to stimulate,” he said. “It’s to make you feel good while you are there.” In other words, it seduces and stimulates stubborn bowels into action. Mmmm...sounds like how I would like to spend part of my morning… »11/17/08 7:40pm11/17/08 7:40pm

Hypercolor Heat-Changing Toilet Shows Who's Been Assing it Up

Even though we're comfortable with sitting on a toilet seat that someone just vacated (and vacated their bowels on), it still comes as a surprise just how warm that seat is—the ass must be a bit higher than 98 degrees. This thermochromic toilet seat, however, lets you know exactly how warm the seat is, with a bonus… »1/02/08 7:10pm1/02/08 7:10pm

Glowing Toilet Seat Makes Your Deposits Look Really Disgusting

Luckily most of us at Giz are still young enough not to have to wake up multiple times a night to pee, but when we do reach that stage, we're investing in a Glowing Toilet Seat. Just bright enough so you don't make a mess that our wives we have to clean up in the morning, but not bright enough so you can't fall back… »3/02/07 4:00pm3/02/07 4:00pm

Toto Apricot F5A: MP3 Toilet Seat With Ambient Light, Fart Killer

Once you've installed this Toto toilet seat, all that's left is to decide what songs (or noises) you're going to load up on its embedded MP3 player. Of course, you could go ahead and listen to the pre-loaded sounds of a hummingbird, beach waves and such, but we're thinking perhaps "Working in a Coal Mine" would be… »1/25/07 12:10pm1/25/07 12:10pm

Jammin' John Guitarlet: Toilet Seat of the Blues Immortals

Master guitarists have immense respect for their instruments, coddling them like babies. For example, BB King even named his favorite ax Lucille. The Guitarlet from Jammin' Johns takes that concept down another road, letting you shit on your guitar while surrounded with matching accessories. Get it in natural wood or… »10/27/06 12:15pm10/27/06 12:15pm