250GB PlayStation 3 Slim! Sony's Final Fantasy XIII Edition

What's this? Seems we might just see those rumored 250GB PS3 bundles in October after all. Although this official limited-edition PS3, with a pink Lightning print, won't hit Japan until December 17. It'll be Y41,600 Yen ($460). [Kotaku] » 9/24/09 3:50am 9/24/09 3:50am

Nintendo Conference Call Allegedly Confirms Sept. 27 Wii Price Cut

If unofficial company confirmations are your thing, and you've been following Nintendo's all but certain Wii price cut, feast on this: One Nintendo fan site eavesdropping on a retailer call claims the company confirmed a $50 cut for Sept. 27. » 9/20/09 11:00am 9/20/09 11:00am