DARPA Got a New Tagline (and Tom Cruise Helped)

Any day is a good when the government's most futuristic R&D lab starts cavorting around Twitter with Scientology superstars. And this is one of those days. » 8/30/13 12:00pm 8/30/13 12:00pm

If The Beautiful Sky Tower From Oblivion Could Actually Exist That…

In some ways Oblivion is pretty standard. Alien war. Last humans on earth. Tom Cruise. Etc. But the movie, out this weekend, has something else going for it: a stunning backdrop for all the hunting and sleuthing. » 4/21/13 7:00pm 4/21/13 7:00pm

What Is an E-Meter? (Updated)

Today would be L. Ron Hubbard 100th birthday. Who is L. Ron Hubbard? He's the dude who invented Scientology. Yup, that same kooky scientology that turned Tom Cruise into a joke. » 3/13/11 10:00am 3/13/11 10:00am

Did China Try To Pass Off Top Gun As Air Force Footage?

A few days ago, China Central Television showed footage of what they claimed was an air force training exercise conducted on January 23. From the looks of things, they were actually just playing clips from Top Gun. » 1/27/11 6:40pm 1/27/11 6:40pm

The Best Exclusives of the Year

These are the stories you couldn't find anywhere else. From Apple's security slips to Facebook's prolific profile breach, check out Gizmodo's best Exclusives from 2010. » 12/28/10 10:00am 12/28/10 10:00am

Why Is Tom Cruise Sitting On Top of the World's Tallest Building?

We got photographs and video of Tom Cruise jumping off the mid-section of the tallest skyscraper in the world. But this is him on the very top of the Burj Khalifa, filmed by an helicopter, taken around 1AM New York time. » 11/18/10 9:31am 11/18/10 9:31am

Video of Tom Cruise Jumping Off the World's Tallest Skyscraper

What's better than a photo of Tom Cruise jumping off the Burj Khalifa during the filming of Mission Impossible 4 in Dubai? A 35-frame stop-motion video of the whole event, obviously. » 11/10/10 10:10am 11/10/10 10:10am

This Is Tom Cruise Jumping Off the Tallest Skyscraper In the World

They are filming Mission Impossible 4 in Dubai right now. Our friend and local Dubai photographer Gerald Donovan took this photo of none other than Tom Cruise jumping off the Burj Khalifa, formerly known as the Burj Dubai: » 11/08/10 12:26am 11/08/10 12:26am

Why Do Anonymous Geeks Hate Scientologists?

NYU professor Gabriella Coleman opened this profoundly profanity laced academic talk with a question: why have internet enthusiasts been drawn to denounce Scientology so vehemently for two decades? Scientology, she explained, has provided a perfect nemesis for geekery. » 7/18/10 12:20pm 7/18/10 12:20pm

Don't Press That Strange Button In Tom Cruise's House!

Click to viewWhen actress Kyra Sedgwick visited Tom Cruise's house, she couldn't help but notice a strange, unmarked button on a mantle in his library. For whatever reason, she also couldn't resist pushing it. As a result, she soon heard police sirens. » 7/16/10 8:20pm 7/16/10 8:20pm

Beyond Sexting: The Spectrum of Shameful Text Messaging

For all the talk of sexting, you'd think it was the only kind of text out there. Not so! There's plenty of other ways to message, most of which come with just as much regret: » 1/22/10 6:00pm 1/22/10 6:00pm

G-Speak Minority Report Gesture UI Actually Made By Minority Report…

Un-frickin-believable: there've been a » 11/17/08 8:25am 11/17/08 8:25am , but it looks like this new G-Speak system is really the Minority Report UI made into science-faction;it's made by one of the guys who actually worked on advising the Minority Report movie. It even has gloves something akin to Tom Cruise's natty controllers from the film, and…

The Tom Cruise, Helio Connection

Tom Cruise, the Myspace user? You better believe it. Cruise, king of all thing Scientologific, is also a pretty big Helio fan. He was the first user of the Helio Myspace phone. He was also involved with the shooting of the first two Helio commercial and rumor has it that he had some odd demands on set. According to… » 7/24/06 5:04pm 7/24/06 5:04pm