Tom Waits: Emotional Weather Report

It's Tom Wait's birthday. Tom is one of the greatest artists that the United States of America has ever seen and one of the greatest modern musicians, period. He composes and sings with the soul of someone who went to hell and back a few times. A true, honest genius, who has evolved in the most fantastic way, always… » 12/07/12 8:00pm 12/07/12 8:00pm

Tom Waits: Martha

Earlier today a friend sent me this video of Tom Waits performing Down in the Hole. Performing, not singing; Waits at his peak was a throttle-throated spasm of theatricality. It's wonderful. But I still prefer the younger, more melodic Waits. I prefer Martha. » 9/20/11 9:00pm 9/20/11 9:00pm