Archeologists discover mythical Tomb of Osiris in Egypt

Archeologists have discovered an ancient tomb modeled after the mythical Tomb of Osiris as described by Egyptian lore in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes. The complex includes a shaft that connects to multiple chambers, including one with demons holding knives. » 1/02/15 8:33pm 1/02/15 8:33pm

Man Builds a Tomb with TV, Food, Fresh Air Just in Case He's Buried Alive

A crazy Brazilian man named Freud is so afraid of being buried alive that he's built himself a tomb nice enough to live in, complete with TV and food. You know, just in case. It also has built-in megaphones that would allow for him to call for help just in case his body raised from the dead in some sort of… » 11/03/08 10:15am 11/03/08 10:15am

Automated Japanese Mausoleum Delivers Loved Ones While You Wait

The aging Japanese population presents a troubling problem when it comes burying loved ones. There's simply not enough room, and the room that is available costs about $20,000, according to Trends in Japan. So leave it to the Japanese to figure out a way to address the problem with a technological twist. Like a data… » 8/17/08 4:30pm 8/17/08 4:30pm