New Tomorrowland Teaser Is Packed With Retro-Futuristic Goodness

Walt Disney Pictures just released a short video showing off some of the retro inspiration for its upcoming movie, Tomorrowland. Many elements of the film are still shrouded in mystery, but readers of Paleofuture may notice a lot of familiar footage in the new teaser. » 4/15/15 5:20pm Wednesday 5:20pm

The teaser trailer for Tomorrowland is a mysteriously fun ride

It seems kind of silly to me to make a movie based off of Disneyland's Tomorrowland but hey, the same sort of idea worked out pretty well for Pirates of the Caribbean. And after seeing the very first teaser of the movie, the movie version of Tomorrowland looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. » 10/09/14 6:54pm 10/09/14 6:54pm

Disney's Innoventions Dream Home is a Big Ad For Microsoft and HP...But…

Recently, Disney announced the grand opening of their new Innoventions Dream Home located in Tomorrowland in Anaheim, Calif. The construction was a collaborative effort between Disneyland, Microsoft, HP, Life|ware and home-builder Taylor Morrison-so naturally the home functions more as a big advertising campaign for… » 6/19/08 9:00pm 6/19/08 9:00pm