TomTom Squeezes a Heart Rate Monitor Into Its GPS Watches

When we reviewed the TomTom Runner GPS watch last year, we pointed out that if you wanted to monitor your heart rate, you'd need to buy an extra accessory. But for athletes looking to seriously train their bodies, metrics on how fast or far they ran, swam, or biked isn't enough. So TomTom has updated the Runner GPS… » 4/02/14 3:20pm 4/02/14 3:20pm

TomTom's New GPS Watches Are Easily Controlled With a Large…

A couple of years ago TomTom partnered with Nike for what was one of the first GPS sport watches that didn't look like some monstrous fitness accessory strapped to your wrist. But now the company is parting ways with the swoosh and releasing a set of TomTom-branded watches called the Runner and Multi-Sport for those… » 4/17/13 4:19pm 4/17/13 4:19pm

Stephen Fry Turns Your TomTom Into a Stately British Butler

Stephen Fry—best known stateside for his portrayal of Jeeves and on Giz for his Apple enthusiasm—is now available as a downloadable voice pack for your TomTom navigation device. At least if you live in the UK. » 12/15/11 5:20pm 12/15/11 5:20pm

Bert and Ernie Now Available For Your TomTom: "Turn Right Onto Sesame…

Move over mustaches, it looks like November belongs to the Muppets this year. They've got a new movie coming out, there's an online movement to have them host the Oscars, and now TomTom has announced a series of Sesame Street voices, starting with Bert and Ernie. » 11/10/11 12:21pm 11/10/11 12:21pm

TomTom iPhone App Version 1.3 Adds HD Traffic Updates and Day/Night…

TomTom listened to our concerns in the navigation app battlemodo, and has not only been dropping the price steadily since, but has just released update 1.3 for its iPhone app—which comes with live traffic updates aplenty. » 3/15/10 8:54am 3/15/10 8:54am

TomTom Shares Dip By 10% Following Nokia's Free Ovi Maps Give-Away

It was sadly predictable, especially after the exact same thing happened last October when Google released their free turn-by-turn navigation. Cheer up though TomTom and Navigon—at least you've got iPhone apps, right? Oh. [Yahoo Finance via TechRadar] » 1/22/10 4:35am 1/22/10 4:35am