1-2-3-4: I Declare a Miniature Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Thumb War

Hot on the heels of its remote control robotic Battrogborg pugilists, Tomy has revealed another toy designed to quench our robo-combat lust. This time it's a way to bring thumb wrestling into the 21st century with a pair of small, thumb-controlled robots that duke it out until one loses its head. » 9/05/13 10:07am 9/05/13 10:07am

Tomy's Self-Transforming RC Cars Could Be the Greatest Toy Ever

We've already brought you a few clips of Kenji Ishida's amazing self-transforming RC cars, but so far he's only made about ten of them available to the public, at a staggering $24,000 a piece. But there's great news for those of us who've chosen to pay off our mortgages instead of buying a toy robot: Takara Tomy is… » 6/20/13 1:20pm 6/20/13 1:20pm

Overkill, Thy Name Is This Tiny, Tablet-Cleaning, Roomba-Like Robot

We all hate using a smartphone or tablet when the screen's covered in greasy fingerprints. But it's a situation that's easy to solve with nothing but a shirt sleeve, or if you're particularly anal, a microfiber cloth. What the world doesn't need is a tiny Roomba-like cleaning device designed specifically for cleaning… » 2/05/13 8:57am 2/05/13 8:57am

Eating Rice Oozed from a Tube Sounds Efficient and Delicious

Taking some inspiration from the sucker-in-a-sleeve known as a Push Pop, Takara Tomy's Smart Han bento lunchbox lets busy office drones enjoy sticky rice lunch extruded from a large tube. It's not unlike the Sushi Bazooka, except that this contraption is designed to pump the food directly into your mouth. » 9/12/12 10:40am 9/12/12 10:40am

Bite-Sized Tomy QFO RC Flyers Command the Skies of a Very Small Universe

I like things that fly, especially when they're the size of a golf ball. Tomy's QFO RC toys are part of the Japanese Q series of all things minuscule, and are propelled by a rotor on its underside. The QFO will be available in Japan this month for about $40, but more importantly, I keep thinking of how awesome it… » 9/11/08 10:00pm 9/11/08 10:00pm

AI Tech Racers: Danger Dodging Slot Cars

These AI Tech Racers from Tomy are some of the more interesting slot-style racecars we've seen. The cars have built-in sensors to detect and avoid obstacles in their path—provided they have room to maneuver—and as a result, they can fly around a track without being locked into slots. Once started, the cars ride on… » 2/20/08 5:00pm 2/20/08 5:00pm

Next-Gen Tomy Heli-Q RC Helicopter Takes to the Skies Next Month

Japanese toy giant Tomy says it's about to roll out the next generation in tiny copters, and it's calling this one the Heli-Q. The company says this is the world's smallest radio controlled toy helicopter, but other than its smaller size, its specs seem similar to those of Picco-Z Styrofoam helicopters we've flown… » 10/24/07 1:10pm 10/24/07 1:10pm

Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes When You Take Money Out

Well "explodes" is perhaps a bit harsh, but if you take too long to retrieve your cash monies, the LED fuse lights up and the bomb gets a bit unruly—it starts shaking and then chucks your coinage. If that sounds like your idea of a party (Uncle Scrooge, what?) you can pick one up in Japan from Takara Tomy for about 25… » 6/29/07 9:20am 6/29/07 9:20am

Nintendog Beanies: At Last, a Puppy That Won't Pee on Your Bed

Tomy have brought out a dozen official Nintendog beanies which whine or bark when you press their left ear. They're quite cute and they are less annoying than the DS game, which, during my short tenure as a Nintendog owner, drove me menkle. That AWFUL muzak. The suburban surroundings. In fact, the only things I liked… » 3/26/07 6:30am 3/26/07 6:30am

Tomy Q-Steer Choro-Q Cars Now Controlled by Cellphone

Make way for the latest iteration of the Tomy Q Steer (also known in the States as Microsizer or ZipZap), and this one's called the Choro-Q, a teeny tiny toy car that can be controlled with an infrared remote. Its latest next-gen trick? Now you can even steer the little thing with your cellphone. It's just 1.5 inches… » 10/11/06 9:36am 10/11/06 9:36am