Lightsaber BBQ Tongs For the Evil Sith Grillmaster In Your Life

The Star Wars movies kind of painted the Sith as evil, unredeemable monsters. But between blowing up planets and wiping out the Jedi, even Darth Vader and the Emperor must need some R&R time, and presumably that involves the occasional BBQ where these lightsaber tongs would be invaluable. In a space station the size… » 2/28/14 5:40pm 2/28/14 5:40pm

Wobbling Tongs That Never Topple Will Keep Your Counters Clean

Countertops are designed to get messy, but you can save yourself that extra bit of cleanup with a pair of self-standing Swing Tongs that won't leave food and schmutz behind. Like the Playskool Weeble toys of yesteryear, a weighted curved bottom ensures the business end of these tongs always stays up in the air, no… » 2/06/13 9:29am 2/06/13 9:29am

Snake Wrangler Captures Five Rattlesnakes With One Hand...Films It With…

When you've got rattlesnakes in your winter Arizona home, call Phoenix Snake Removal. Using only a pair of snake tongs, a headlamp, and a secure bucket, they'll clear out your dark basement and bring home a souvenir video to match. » 11/23/10 12:00pm 11/23/10 12:00pm

Crafty Tongs Hide Built-In Thermometer

When you're grilling, nothing's more handy than a digital thermometer...except maybe these: Tongs that incorporate a very fine temperature probe so you don't need to fiddle with multiple tools. » 4/23/10 5:20pm 4/23/10 5:20pm

Digital BBQ Tongs: For When Geeks Gas Up The Grill

These trusty tongs have a built-in sensor that let you monitor your meat's internal temperature on its backlit LCD display. The neat part: they also alarm when your steak is ready, and double as an LED flashlight. Versalicious! » 8/13/09 3:48am 8/13/09 3:48am

Flameboy 7-in-1 BBQ Tool Doesn't Seem Quite Safe

The Flameboy, a $14 7-in-1 BBQ utensil contains a spatula, fork, bottle opener, corkscrew, tongs, serrated cutting edge and disposable lighter slot. Sounds to me like a product liability lawsuit waiting to happen. [NerdApproved] » 1/13/09 3:30am 1/13/09 3:30am

Magnetic Toaster Tongs Protect Fingers

Getting toast out of your toaster without lighting your fingers (or eyes, if you turn it upside down and shake it like we do) on fire is difficult. With these magnetic toaster tongs, you can reach in and grab your toast, then stick the tongs back on the side of your toaster when you're done. Sure, wooden tongs means… » 8/01/07 4:00pm 8/01/07 4:00pm