Gifts for the Road Trip Master

This isn't for your commuter friend who looks at a car wondering if it'll provide comfort while idling in traffic. This is for the friend who considers the drive from San Francisco to Portland a jaunt. Don't try to appease them with a silly, tree-shaped air freshener. Instead, give them the tools needed to do timed… » 12/09/11 8:00pm 12/09/11 8:00pm

Is Anonymous testing a new DDoS tool?

Anonymous may abandon its current DDoS tool LOIC and develop a more powerful replacement to protect hackers from detection. LOIC was effective in Operation Payback, but it's also the reason hackers have been identified and arrested. » 8/01/11 9:24pm 8/01/11 9:24pm

A Wrench Necklace

The makers of this necklace say it's a "Honeycomb pendant with cord." But we all know what we're looking at: a set of four wrenches that hangs around your neck. It fits 8, 10, 12, and 14mm bolts. And in my opinion, $55 for a set of four wrenches and a necklace is a pretty good bargain. [Blend Creations] » 5/25/11 7:20pm 5/25/11 7:20pm

The Super-Penetration Shovel: Deep Digging

Let's just get right down to it: you don't care about the Super-Penetration Shovel because it's made entirely of steel. Or the tapered, pointed blade, the fully sharpened sides that bust through dirt and clay like so much cotton candy. » 5/16/11 10:20pm 5/16/11 10:20pm

I've Got 99 Black Chrome Stanley Sockets, But a Ratchet Ain't One

It's more than one! There're also sockets for wrenches too, in this massive Stanley tool-case that's been done over in luxuriously-sharp black chrome. It's only $87 over at Amazon. [Amazon via Werd] » 2/24/11 7:40am 2/24/11 7:40am

Researchers Are Almost Certain That They Can Recreate Doctor Who's…

While we probably won't travel through time anytime soon, we might just be able to have sonic screwdrivers just like Doctor Who sometime in the near future thanks to some very determined researchers and the magic of ultrasonic sound waves. » 12/08/10 9:20pm 12/08/10 9:20pm

Sneak this $10 Keychain Tool Onto a Flight for Mid-Air Screwdrivering

Let's face it—you're probably up to no good with this keychain tool, which conveniently disguises itself as a key. At about a third of the price of a Swiss Army knife, it has eight handy tools. » 8/16/10 4:20pm 8/16/10 4:20pm

Electromagnetic Pulses Cut Through Steel in Milliseconds

You need to cut up some chunks of steel. Mechanical tools are prone to wearing out and lasers are just too expensive, so what do you use? Fast-cutting electromagnetic pulses, what else. » 12/02/09 9:00pm 12/02/09 9:00pm

Can You Figure Out All the Uses for the Piranha Multitool?

When it comes to multitools, you can never have enough functions and the Pocket Tool X Piranha really takes that thought to heart. I can't even figure out half the things it's supposed to do. Can you? » 11/30/09 6:22pm 11/30/09 6:22pm

Well Hello Five Windows Task Manager Alternatives

Want to branch out a bit from the default Windows Task Manager tool that's probably helping keeping you abreast of the goings on of your PC right this moment? Look no further, for Lifehacker is here with another glorious top five list on that very subject! [Lifehacker] » 10/11/09 5:30pm 10/11/09 5:30pm

An Alligetter Tool For Getting Things Out Of Drains, Garbage Disposals

This Alligetter LED tool isn't just a lousy pun, it shines a light into dark (and small) places where you couldn't normally see or reach. Places like drains, or garbage disposals, or behind the couch. » 9/30/09 1:00pm 9/30/09 1:00pm

Peak's Plasmablade is Sci-Fi-like Surgical Tool of the Future

Cutting open a person for surgery using a plain old scalpel seems pretty barbarian compared to this new cutting tool from Peak. Instead of a sharp metal edge, or even an electrosurgical cutter, the Plasmablade uses pulses of plasma generated around its tip to locally cut and cauterize flesh such as skin, fat and… » 7/25/08 9:20am 7/25/08 9:20am

Google Maps Catches Sophisticated High School Football Field Prank

There's not much to add to this other than "ha ha, you got penis'ed", but we're somewhat curious as to how this thing went down. Was this a prank from a rival school? Was it self-inflicted? Is this their mascot? (Go Fighting Wangs!) Is it still there? We suppose it's pretty apropos that the school is located on Shaft… » 12/05/07 8:30pm 12/05/07 8:30pm

Flickr Camera Finder Helps Your Next Camera Purchase

If you're on the verge of deciding between two different, yet equally fine cameras, head over to Flickr's camera finder. After choosing the cameras you're picking between, Flickr will show you either the "most interesting" (or latest, portrait, macro, landscape, action, and recent) photos taken by that model. Of… » 3/02/07 3:30pm 3/02/07 3:30pm

The BodyGard 5-in-1 Car Emergency Tool

If you're anything like us, you have a hard time sleeping at night thanks to the persistent nightmares of being stuck in a car underwater. Blame it on too many viewings of that one episode of BMW Films. Nevertheless, ThinkGeek has a 5-in-1 tool that lets you get out of a jam quickly and easily. » 12/08/06 8:25pm 12/08/06 8:25pm

CRT Killer: Stanley FUBAR Demolition Tool

I have a, a friend of a friend, who hates CRT monitors, TVs, you name it. If it has a cathode ray tube inside, this "friend" goes rabid and reaches for the nearest power tool to give it a proper decontruction and retirement. The FUBAR by Stanley, is the perfect tool for such a job. It's formed around a… » 9/05/06 7:39pm 9/05/06 7:39pm