Watch a tooth get burned to crispy bits

Seeing things that shouldn't be burned get melted down to nothing by fire is weirdly titillating. You don't even have to be a pyromaniac to enjoy the perversion of the flames. Just look at how this tooth slowly disappears! It's gross and weirdly wonderful in all the right ways. So bless the master torch wielders of … » 11/06/13 8:42pm 11/06/13 8:42pm

High-Pressure Tooth Spray Cleans Teeth With Water, Not Bristles

Toothbrush-like contraptions that spray water into your teeth holes have been around for years, but Philips' new patent has several innovations that makes sure you don't blast your gums into submission. The spray head has probes that can detect how far away it is from your teeth, ensuring optimum distance. » 5/13/08 6:00pm 5/13/08 6:00pm

Tooth Grinding Remote, Researchers Hate to See You Smile

At last, we have an excuse other than stress to crack our molars and spend thousands on dental repair. Researchers at Osaka University have developed a remote sensitive to tooth grinding. Surprisingly, it's fairly low-tech in nature. IR sensors are placed over patients' temples because the temples are an area that… » 8/14/07 9:30am 8/14/07 9:30am