A Cheap $6 Toothbrush With a Display That Reminds You To Replace It

Our dentists constantly remind us to replace our toothbrushes every 90 days so they’re most effective at battling plaque, but how often do we really remember to do that? To make it easier, Brush Buddies has created the 90 Day Brush featuring a timer and built-in LCD display that reminds users exactly when it’s time to… »4/22/15 2:46pm4/22/15 2:46pm

What's The Best Electric Toothbrush?

If you skimp on something, don't let it be a clean mouth. Most people don't brush their teeth well enough, or for long enough, and a good electric toothbrush can help you make up the difference. Lifehacker has put together some tips for getting a good brush, and Gizmodo and Lifehacker have both covered some of the … »9/17/14 2:45pm9/17/14 2:45pm

This Connected Bluetooth Toothbrush Will Nag You More Than a Dentist

We all know we should be brushing more diligently several times a day, but without our dentists regularly shaming us into better oral hygiene, that rarely happens. So a Paris-based company called Kolibree has created what it claims to be the world's first app-connected toothbrush that will encourage better brushing… »1/05/14 7:00pm1/05/14 7:00pm

Fight Bad Breath and Bathroom Clutter With This Toothbrush Cup

Counter clutter can be even worse in a bathroom which is typically a lot smaller than a kitchen. And if you find yourself constantly battling to find room to store things around the sink, you'll immediately see the genius behind this flippable cup that doubles as a way to rinse your mouth and a convenient spot to… »5/27/13 5:00pm5/27/13 5:00pm

This Genius "Rinser" Toothbrush Fixes the Worst Part of Brushing Your Teeth

Every morning, you either use an environmentally-unfriendly disposable cup, a disgusting, gunked-up-with-toothpaste cup to rinse out, or your strain your neck to bend over and drink out of the faucet. Stop that. Check out this awesome, lifechanging toothbrush that acts as a water spout for post-brush rinsing. »6/07/12 6:30pm6/07/12 6:30pm