New Panoramic Images Show Area 51’s New Mystery Hangar Is Gigantic

Earlier this month, Foxtrot Alpha brought you an exclusive analysis of new satellite images that show the construction of a massive new hangar in a remote part of Area 51 . Now, high resolution panoramic photos have emerged of the base confirming just how monstrous this new hangar truly is. » 8/30/14 2:44pm 8/30/14 2:44pm

Steve Jobs’ Pentagon File: Blackmail Fears, Youthful Arrest and LSD…

Steve Jobs thought someone might kidnap his daughter in order to blackmail him, according to a newly released Department of Defense document that was filled out in the 1980s when Jobs underwent a background check for a Top Secret security clearance. » 6/11/12 6:57am 6/11/12 6:57am

Man Gets Top Secret Fighter Jet's Canopy For Peanuts—Now Selling It On…

Back in the 80s, the United States Navy wanted a stealth aircraft to replace the A-6 Intruder. McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics came up with an ultra-secret flying wing design, an alien-looking aircraft called the A-12 Avenger II. It never flew. » 12/25/11 8:00am 12/25/11 8:00am

Barack Obama's Super Secure Tent Lets Him Hold Top Secret Discussions

This is a picture from inside a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility aka a makeshift tent that lets top government officials discuss top secret information anywhere in the world. As you can see by the fugly floral carpeting, Obama's tent was propped up inside a hotel. » 3/23/11 8:00pm 3/23/11 8:00pm

What Was The Top Secret Payload Inside SpaceX's Dragon Spacecraft?

Did you know there was a very secret payload on board the Dragon spacecraft, the first private spaceship to reach orbit and return safely to Earth? SpaceX didn't reveal what it was until today. The answer is deliciously funny. » 12/09/10 4:46pm 12/09/10 4:46pm

Top Secret SR-71 Blackbird Flying Manual Declassified

So, you read Brian Shul's description of the thrill to fly the SR-71 Blackbird in a real mission over Lybia, and now you want to try it yourself. Well, no problem! First, you need its top secret flying manual. » 5/07/10 8:00am 5/07/10 8:00am

Secret CIA Manual Shows Magic Tricks Used By Spies

During the Cold War, the CIA hired a master magician to teach them deceptive maneuvers. Here are a handful of tricks, recovered from a super secret manual the government thought it had destroyed over 30 years ago. » 12/01/09 3:20am 12/01/09 3:20am

Apple's Internal Secrecy Protocol Is Ridiculous

Apple is known for being secretive to the extreme, but did you know some of their employees look like they're dressed up for Dungeons & Dragons LARPing while at work? » 6/23/09 12:20pm 6/23/09 12:20pm

Missile Defense Top Secrets Found in Hard Drives Sold on Ebay

100 hundred drives loaded with confidential information like building blueprints and test launch procedures for Lockheed Martin's ground to air missile defense. That's what you can buy on eBay these days. » 5/07/09 2:50pm 5/07/09 2:50pm

US Air Force Abandoned Nuclear Bomb in Greenland

The US government plotted to hide the fact that they were constantly flying nuclear-armed B-52 bombers over Greenland during the 1960s, the BBC has discovered in a recent investigation. The operation, called Chrome Dome, was designed to instantly respond to the Soviet Union if the latter launched a nuclear missile… » 11/11/08 8:00am 11/11/08 8:00am

What is the U.S. Military's New Top Secret Terrorist-Killing Gadget in…

Here's an idea for new unofficial Gizmodo game. It doesn't have a name, but it's based on guessing what Bob Woodward was talking about when he said the U.S. military had some super secret new gadget, gizmo or technology at their disposal in Iraq » 9/13/08 1:00pm 9/13/08 1:00pm. Woodward says the tech is used to "locate, target and kill key…

Wiimote Complete Sports Pack Includes 18 Accessories in One Box

I have mixed feelings about this Complete Sports Pack for the Nintendo Wii, with 18 Wiimote accessories in one box. Yes, they seem to cover every single game known to mankind and yes, I know that everyone loves their Wiimote accessories. But this fully-loaded $45.80 set—not surprisingly by some company called Mad Cow » 1/24/08 2:36pm 1/24/08 2:36pm