The NSA Is Scaring People Away From Tor

It makes sense in a backwards sort of way. Last year's NSA revelations scared people into seeking more privacy online, and so they turned to Tor, the anonymous web browser. Then, we learned that the NSA is actually targeting people that use Tor, sending users running in the opposite direction. Understandably, this has » 8/21/14 11:20am 8/21/14 11:20am

Meet Onionshare, the File Sharing App the Next Snowden Will Use

A small software app called Onionshare offers the most secure file sharing available. So why hasn't anyone heard of it? Well, mostly because it was released with just a tweet from its creator, and you have to go to Github to download it. But don't let its underground status fool you—this is a very important app. » 6/27/14 3:00pm 6/27/14 3:00pm

Tor Is For Everyone: Why You Should Use Tor

EFF recently kicked off its second Tor Challenge, an initiative to strengthen the Tor network for online anonymity and improve one of the best free privacy tools in existence. The campaign—which launched with partners at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the Tor Project, and the Free Software Foundation—is already… » 6/15/14 6:00pm 6/15/14 6:00pm

The FBI Seized All of TorMail's Data and Is Using It to Catch Hackers

If you had any faith left in anonymous email services, now would be the time to let that go. New court documents show that in chasing down associates of Freedom Hosting, the FBI managed to download the entire email database of TorMail. And now it's using that information to take on the Darknet. » 1/27/14 11:21am 1/27/14 11:21am

Why You Can't Blame Bitcoin for Silk Road Shadiness

The man alleged to be "Dread Pirate Roberts," the founder and operator of the Silk Road—an online marketplace where bitcoins were traded for a range of goods and services, including drugs—was arrested by the FBI in San Francisco Wednesday. The criminal complaint, released today, provides many details about how the… » 10/05/13 5:00pm 10/05/13 5:00pm

The NSA's Been Trying to Hack into Tor's Anonymous Internet For Years

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise, but the NSA has reportedly been trying (and failing) to break into the Tor network for years. It turns out that Tor, a suite of tools to protect anonymity online, is just too secure as an infrastructure. Individual users, however, are less secure. » 10/04/13 11:53am 10/04/13 11:53am

Yep, Tor Traffic Really Is Dominated by Botnets and Porn

The anonymous, secure Tor network has always had a reputation as a place for botnets, porn kings, and drug dealers. "But it's such an amazing tool for political dissidents, a way to escape the spying government!" you might think in the wake of this NSA debacle. Then again, first impressions are often correct. » 9/11/13 1:57pm 9/11/13 1:57pm

The NSA Can Probably Break Tor's Encryption Keys

When it turned out that the Firefox JavaScript Tor vulnerability shenanigans were originating from the NSA not the FBI, it was pretty clear that the agency was looking to undermine and access Tor's anonymous internet. It's like a moth to a flame. But now security expert Robert Graham has outlined his reasons for… » 9/08/13 12:47pm 9/08/13 12:47pm

Tor: The Anonymous Internet, and If It's Right for You

Since the revelations about NSA spying came to the surface earlier this summer, everybody's paying a little bit more attention to their privacy online. That's good news for Tor, a suite of software and network of computers that enables you to use the internet anonymously. And for anyone who uses it. » 8/30/13 12:19pm 8/30/13 12:19pm

How to Safely Continue Using TOR on Windows

An attack against Tor Browser users on Windows machines was discovered this Sunday, and there is speculation that the uncovered malware was used by a law enforcement agency to harvest the IP addresses of users of several hidden services hosted by Freedom Hosting. The malware exploits a serious JavaScript security… » 8/07/13 4:45am 8/07/13 4:45am

The TOR Project Tells Everyone to Stop Using Windows

After startling news that someone—probably a government agency—was exploiting a vulnerability in Firefox to spy on its supposedly anonymous users, the TOR Project is now asking everyone to take a step back and stop using Windows. It's not just this latest episode of snooping, though. Windows just isn't a great… » 8/06/13 10:56am 8/06/13 10:56am