Watch an oxy-gasoline liquid fuel torch cut through metal

Yowza. That burns hot. Watch as a Petrogen Multi-Fuel cutting torch nicks right through a stack of metal and cuts it clean off. The cutting system can use liquid fuels of any kind, including “gasoline of any grade, “white” gas, camping fuel, and stabilizer additive fuels” and “diesel, kerosene, biodiesel”. Basically,… »6/25/15 9:19pm6/25/15 9:19pm

HydroStar SUB Flashlight With Dynamo-Powered LEDs, Lasers Lightning Review

The Gadget: »11/27/08 4:00pm11/27/08 4:00pm The HydroStar SUB flashlight is billed as an ideal emergency tool or a handy device to take on your outdoor adventures. The dynamo-powered flashlight features single, dual and strobe LED modes along with a "snake eyes" laser pointer (it can even charge your USB gadgets). Plus, the SUB is shock resistant…

5.11 Tactical Series UC3.400 Flashlight Might Be the Last Torch You'll Ever Need

And it does it all without batteries of any kind. That is, if it ever comes to light (ugh). Slated for release in 2009, the 5.11's Light for Life UC3.400 LED flashlight uses the almost mystical power of an ultracapacitor »11/09/08 5:00pm11/09/08 5:00pm to achieve a full 23.5-hour charge in 90 seconds. This torch is expensive at $170, but the makers…