The New WebKit BlackBerry Browser: Yes, It's Actually Good

This is swanky. RIM's showing off BlackBerry's new WebKit-based browser, and yes, it's fast! JavaScript actually loads! It even scored a perfect 100 in the Acid3 rendering test. Still months away, but we'll take it. [BlackBerryRocks] » 2/16/10 11:49am 2/16/10 11:49am

Why the Next BlackBerry Browser Won't Be So Terrible

It's loooong past time for RIM to shitcan BlackBerrys' stock browser. Today, a new patent for server-optimized browsing, combined with their obvious interest in WebKit, means they might be about to do just that. » 1/20/10 6:35pm 1/20/10 6:35pm

RIM Gobbles Up Torch Mobile (Translation: BlackBerry's Getting WebKit,…

Another mobile software maker has fallen for the seductive charms of WebKit, and it's a biggie: RIM has acquired Torch Mobile—the company that makes the WebKit-based Iris browser—to "contribute to the BlackBerry platform." So long, asstastic BlackBerry browser. » 8/24/09 10:51am 8/24/09 10:51am