Aerial photos reveal the destructive path of the Midwest tornado

Tornadoes ripped through the Midwest of the United States earlier today and the damage it left behind is absolutely tragic. These pictures of Washington, Illinois, the worst area affected, show how a community gets shredded by natural disaster. The path is violent, the ground is scarred and the homes are just gone. » 11/18/13 11:26pm 11/18/13 11:26pm

The Destruction of the Oklahoma Tornado As Seen by Google Maps

This is beyond sad. If you've been keeping up with the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma, you probably saw the destruction it left behind. It looked like a movie set war zone or the aftermath of the apocalypse. But it was real. Google released satellite imagery showing what the destruction looked like from above.… » 5/24/13 9:48pm 5/24/13 9:48pm

Watch This Tornado of Fire Swirl Around the Australian Outback

For 40 minutes, a bush fire burning across the Australian Outback swirled in a terrifying and breathtaking column of pure flame. The tornado of fire was caught on camera by Chris Tangey, of Alice Springs Film and Television, who was scouting locations in the area when the firey twister erupted before his eyes! [… » 9/17/12 11:00pm 9/17/12 11:00pm

People Came Up with Some Crazy Ideas to Fight Tornadoes Back in the Day

I've never experienced a tornado but I watched Twister multiple times and I'm scared shitless of them. And I sort of understand the weathery science behind them! Imagine how people felt in the 1800's when those menacing winding bolts from the sky would manifest and tear up everything in its path. Not fun. » 5/03/11 8:40pm 5/03/11 8:40pm

Is This That Thing You Lost In the Tornado? This Lady Found It.

After the surviving the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and the rest of Alabama on Wednesday night, Patty Bullion began to notice random photos and documents washing up in her front yard. Figuring they belonged to somebody, she began posting them in a public Facebook group to see if anybody would… » 4/29/11 8:03pm 4/29/11 8:03pm