Report: Hollywood Totally Lied About Its Big Victory Over The Pirates

Back in 2013, the Motion Picture Association of America filed one of its biggest victories: a $80 million settlement against Hotfile, a file-sharing website that got on the wrong side of Hollywood. Only, Hotfile never paid anything close to that amount, and the MPAA has been telling a (court-approved) fib about the… »12/24/14 3:30pm12/24/14 3:30pm


File Sharing Sites Cast Themselves into Exile Over MegaUpload Bust

With the popular MegaUpload file sharing website shut down, several other online locker services, all of which have legal uses, are limiting their features or closing down entirely in an apparent effort to avoid MegaUpload's fate: a forced shutdown by the United States Department of Justice, FBI, and National… »1/23/12 8:20pm1/23/12 8:20pm

Just Because You Hate DRM Doesn't Mean You Have Taste

Clearly, not all anti-DRM geeks have the impeccable taste of our own Adam Frucci, who balances smoldering rage toward the Man with a solid fashion sense. Consequently, you're looking at the third- place entry in TorrentFreak's anti-DRM T-shirt contest, because the winner—chosen by popular vote—is ugly (but you can hit… »7/11/07 10:10am7/11/07 10:10am