This Website Could Be The Ultimate All-In-One Torrent Machine

As I recently discovered whilst trying to teach my roommate about torrenting — educationally, of course — downloading illegal stuff off the internet still isn't the easiest thing in the world. Bitport is a website that's trying to change all that: it will find, download, and stream your torrents to you, all with a… »1/03/15 3:00pm1/03/15 3:00pm

Pranksters Get Kim Dotcom Kicked Off His Own Site For Piracy

Kim Dotcom is probably the most wanted man in the movie theaters' fight against piracy. He's under investigation by the FBI, and they're trying to extradite him from sunny, safe New Zealand to the States. But those pale in comparison to his latest problem: his account on Mega, the cloud storage site he founded last… »11/15/14 5:22pm11/15/14 5:22pm

A New Study Says You Sell More Music If You Get Rid Of Content Locks

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems are used on things like ebook and movie files to make them more difficult to share. During the Napster era the major record labels got on board with DRMs in a big way hoping that they could reduce piracy by locking their music files down. But a new study shows what we've all… »12/01/13 5:51pm12/01/13 5:51pm

The Pirate Bay Celebrates 10 Years With a New Blockade-Busting Browser

File sharing site The Pirate Bay set sail ten years ago. While the site and its founders have had plenty of legal trouble along the way, like Keith Richards, they refuse to abandon ship. They're marking a decade of file plundering with a typically typo-laden decree and a new way to circumnavigate torrent blockades. »8/10/13 11:30am8/10/13 11:30am

Latest Porno Torrent Blackmail: Pay Up Or We Tell Your Family, Perv

It's one thing if your friends, family, and neighbors find out that you've been doing some torrenting. It's a bit worse if they find out what kind of porn you like. Unluckily for horn-dog pirates everywhere, a new "pay-up-now" letter that's going around pretty explicitly threatens to go around telling people exactly… »5/13/13 12:37pm5/13/13 12:37pm

Last Night's Game Of Thrones Premier Was the Hottest Torrent Ever

Game of Thrones season three premiered last night, and that's kind of a big deal. If you're a fan, you'll need no convincing. But if you need proof of its potency, here you go: according to numbers collected by TorrentFreak, the Game of Thrones season three premier now holds the record for the biggest BitTorrent… »4/01/13 10:56pm4/01/13 10:56pm