Shocking Thumbwars Literally Shocks Your Thumbs in War

Calling all masochists who are growing weary of Chinese Roshambo! Shocking Thumbwars, a 3-in-1 party game, is a game where you avoid getting shocked—literally—by beating your opponents in 3 different challenges: 50/50, where the first person to reach 50 (by button mashing) is safe from a shock; Rebound, which is like… »10/29/08 9:30pm10/29/08 9:30pm

Head Kenzan: Massage Away Stress, Torture Prisoners With One Handy Device

The Head Kenzan is is inspired by a traditional Japanese tool called “kenzan” that is used in Japanese flower arranging to hold plants in place. But to westerners like myself, it looks like some sort of iron maiden for the scalp. However, the true purpose of the device is far from torture—in fact, it is designed to… »10/06/08 1:26pm10/06/08 1:26pm

Robots Act Out Guantanamo Waterboarding Torture, Terrorists Win

There's a new exhibit at Coney Island that's fun for the whole family: the "Waterboard Thrill Ride." Greeted by Spongebob exuding "It don't Gitmo better!" you walk in to peer through bars at dude in dark sweats leaning over another guy in an orange suit, his face wrapped in a towel. Slip a dollar into the machine,… »8/07/08 11:15am8/07/08 11:15am

Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter, For Insane People and Those Who Hate Them

Art Lebedev studio, responsible for that spectacular Optimus Maximus keyboard with a video display on each key, has apparently gone nuts, now giving you a way to test electrical circuits by shocking yourself half to death. The creative design studio calls this a Vilcus plug dactyloadapter, and it includes adapters… »6/25/07 8:42am6/25/07 8:42am

Vacuum Cleaner to the Face = Worst Alarm Clock Ever

If you're a seriously heavy sleeper living in Japan and alarms don't cut it, you can hire this company to send a sadistic gentleman to your bedside in the morning. He can then wake you up in any number of creative and awful ways, including a vacuum cleaner to the face, goo poured on the face, and the ever-popular … »12/13/06 12:44pm12/13/06 12:44pm