8 Videos of New iPhones Getting Dropped, Soaked, and Torture Tested

You knew it was coming. Videos of people torturing the newest rash of iPhones are starting to emerge online, including one by SquareTrade, which shows the new iPhones being tortured in every way imaginable. So how did Apple's latest crop hold up? Surprisingly well, with a few caveats. » 9/22/14 2:52pm 9/22/14 2:52pm

Sadistic PS3 Owner Creates Homemade Blu-ray Torture Test

Muslix64 may have cracked Blu-ray's "bulletproof security," but ever wonder how much physical stress a Blu-ray disc (or any optical disc) can take before caving in? This demented soul did and put his Blu-ray disc through a homemade torture test complete with pizza cutters, pens, and a butcher knife. Warning: Before… » 1/25/07 2:23pm 1/25/07 2:23pm