Track the Sneaky TOS Changes on Your Favorite Online Services

When Instagram announced its updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy back in December, the Internet went into a tizzy in large measure because people didn't really understand what was going on. Now, there's a watchdog service that tracks the changes of many of the most popular online services so that we're armed… » 2/06/13 11:33am 2/06/13 11:33am

Could @Qwikster Make Mad Bank Selling His Twitter Handle to Netflix?

Sunday night's announcement from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings that the company was to be split in two was a bombshell that quickly became a joke. According to Reed, Netflix will continue to stream content, while a new company called Qwikster would handle DVD distribution. Unfortunately Netflix/Qwikster haven't acquired… » 9/19/11 6:02pm 9/19/11 6:02pm

AT&T TOS to Become Less Evil

» 10/10/07 9:05am 10/10/07 9:05am

Earlier this month, we ran a story about AT&T's Terms of Service. Specifically, we said the language should "horrify the consumer public" because it essentially stated that if you talked bad about AT&T, AT&T could terminate your contract. Even to those of us who are not lawyers and/or barely read, the language was harsh… » 10/10/07 9:05am 10/10/07 9:05am