Verizon Training Doc Shows BlackBerry Storm, Touch Diamond Release Date, OTA Ringtone Backups

A friendly tipster sent us this training to-do list for Verizon employees, which yields a couple of tidbits. First, training on the BlackBerry Storm has to be finished by Nov. 2, which our tipster says "guarantees" it'll be launched by early November, as we've heard »9/26/08 12:15pm9/26/08 12:15pm. can be expected by late December, based on its…

Media Sync: iTunes Syncing on HTC, Nokia, Sony, and Sony Ericsson Devices

Obviously, if you love iTunes but do not own an iPhone, syncing your music can be frustrating. Salling Software has developed a solution to this problem with Media Sync—an app that transfers playlists, music and podcasts to a wide array of Nokia, Sony, and Sony Ericsson phones (also works in a limited fashion with the »9/03/08 5:50pm9/03/08 5:50pm

CDMA HTC Touch Diamond Has Release Date, Price, Fatness-Highlighting Red Rear

We suggested the CDMA version of the Touch Diamond had eaten all the pies »8/26/08 10:11am8/26/08 10:11am last week: Now word is out on its release and Sprint and HTC have chosen not to disguise it. Oh no... they've dolled that large rear-end up in a striking red color. Bizarre, though I guess its in the "if you can't hide it, make a feature of it"…

Leaked Shot Of HTC Touch Diamond Shows CDMA Version Ate All the Pies

Over at BoyGeniusReports »8/21/08 8:15am8/21/08 8:15am is this leaked shot of what's allegedly the version of HTC's fabby cellphone. And oh boy, oh boy... that's one phone that's not been on a diet: compared to the GSM version sitting on top of it it's one big ugly fat fellow. Apparently it's actually "more comfortable to hold," but you've got…

Details on Touch Diamond and Touch Pro For Verizon/Sprint Show Slight Gimpage

Phone Arena got some leaked documents on the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro for Sprint and Verizon, and it looks like Verizon's going to be slightly gimping their version of the Diamond. The general gist is the same with both having a 2.8-inch screen, EV-DO Rev. A, 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera, 802.11b/g,… »8/05/08 11:28am8/05/08 11:28am

HTC Touch Diamond ROM Gives Faster TouchFLO and 850MHz Support

A ROM update from Hong Kong for the HTC Touch Diamond released yesterday adds some fantastic functionality such as the use of the 850MHz GSM band (used by AT&T here in the US) and the improved TouchFLO 3D performance. (For the record, the performance update is great.) There are also a few bug fixes like the "no signal… »7/24/08 1:20pm7/24/08 1:20pm

Sprint's HTC Touch Diamond Gets Photographed By Digital Camera From 1998

Nothing confirms that Sprint is indeed getting the HTC Touch Diamond like a blurry picture of the phone posted in some forum. You can't tell much, but you can see that TouchFLO 3D is still there, and that there's a big yellow Sprint sticker on the top right where the, uh, front camera is supposed to be. Either there's… »7/01/08 7:41pm7/01/08 7:41pm

HTC Touch Diamond Impressions (Verdict: It's Kinda Slow)

Addy fiddled with the HTC Touch at the official unveiling about a month ago, but we've just got our own units delivered to us for extensive in-home testing. The exterior looks as nice as we've already seen in unboxing shots, and the TouchFlo is much more refined than the previous incarnations in HTC's ever-expanding… »6/07/08 5:01pm6/07/08 5:01pm