HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Pure WinMo 6.5 Phones Arrive on AT&T

Windows Mobile 6.5 rolls-out tomorrow, so expect to hear about a bunch of new handsets this week. Getting in early, AT&T has gotten official with its versions of HTC's TouchPro 2 (Tilt 2; shown left) and Touch Diamond2 (Pure). » 10/05/09 12:15am 10/05/09 12:15am

Meanwhile, four new browser phones are also hitting AT&T, and they're the first to come…

HTC Touch Diamond 2 Hands On: I Might Like the Original Better

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is similar to the Touch Pro 2, but without the keyboard, special speakerphone and conference calling capability. And though it's a fine phone, I prefer the original Touch Diamond's design. » 4/03/09 12:12am 4/03/09 12:12am

Touch Diamond2 Apps Ripped for Original Touch Diamond, Touch Pro

As pretty as HTCs are, they're nothing without their custom skins and apps. And as with seemingly every other new Windows Mobile product, the new Diamond2 assets have been ripped and made available online. » 3/09/09 6:55am 3/09/09 6:55am