T-Mobile's 3G Network Rolling Out May in NYC, Coincides With 3G HTC…

We've been waiting for 3G on T-Mobile longer than we've been waiting for The Police to get back together, and it looks like May will be the month that all this patience finally pays off. TmoNews is pegging the first launch to be in NYC, and spreading to the rest of the country's major cities throughout the rest of… » 4/18/08 1:52pm 4/18/08 1:52pm

Hands On HTC Touch Dual (Nice, but Still WinMo)

HTC's Touch Dual is now officially headed to US markets, and after a brief hands-on with it, I'm a fan of the hardware. But at the end of the day, it's still a WinMo phone. The phone pairs the form factor of the HTC Touch with a slide-out SureType keyboard in a (relatively) light and thin package. And though they gave… » 4/01/08 7:30pm 4/01/08 7:30pm

HTC Touch Dual Set to Make Its Debut in the U.S.

The HTC Touch Dual has been available in Europe for some time now, but a recent announcement has revealed that it will be sliding its way to the states sometime during this quarter. No pricing has been announced, but if you want to get your hands on one, Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile is where its at. Full details… » 4/01/08 5:50pm 4/01/08 5:50pm