Bluetrek Sense Touch-Sensitive Bluetooth Headset for Button-Haters

Tiny and piano black, one of the Sense's better features is that it might make you look less douche-y than more space-age Bluetooth headsets. The talk dimple is endowed with touch-sensitive magic, plus it has voice alerts for stuff like redialing, rejecting a call, connecting or disconnecting for your phone, etc. The… » 11/19/07 4:10pm 11/19/07 4:10pm

LG Says 'Touch Me' With Touchscreen With MFFM37 MP3 Player

LG's touchscreen video player does look cool (and a bit like the co-branded VW one we saw last month), but who's going to know how to pronounce MFFM? People will think you're talking with your mouth full when you're trying to tell them about the 320x240 2.4-inch LCD, the 4GB memory, MP3/WMA/OGG/MPEG4/WMV9 playback,… » 5/17/07 9:45pm 5/17/07 9:45pm