Targus's Mice for Macs First to Have 4-Way Touch Scrolling

Targus has been making peripherals since before sliced bread was invented, but as part of its first line of notebook accessories specifically designed for Macs it's come up with two mice that are the only ones to have four-way touch scroll controls for Macs. They're ergonomic, and both have 1200 dpi sensitivity: the… »9/30/08 8:30am9/30/08 8:30am

Apple Applies for Patent for Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

Aiming to go beyond just sensing the location of your finger on its touchpads and touchscreens, Apple has applied for a patent for a "Force Imaging Input and Device System," which amounts to a spring-like device underneath the touchscreen or touchpad. The pressure-sensitive "force detector" layer would create a… »10/05/07 10:50am10/05/07 10:50am

Maxfield's Really Pretty Max-Sin Touch Digital Audio Player

Illuminated, red touch-sensitive buttons are apparently "in" right now, and Maxfield's is joining the party with its Max-Sin Touch, a portable digital audio player that looks suspiciously like M-Cody's M-20. Capable of playing MP3, WMA (DRM'd or not) and Ogg Vorbis files, the Max-Sin Touch is based around 1GB of flash… »8/18/06 11:51am8/18/06 11:51am

Is That a Keyboard in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Until we can have screens that roll up and fit into our pockets, this smart fabric portable keyboard will have to do. Developed by Brit company Eleksen Ltd., it's a 2.4-ounce Bluetooth keyboard made out of a special touch-sensitive cloth material that s water repellent—not that you would really be wanting to use it… »1/18/06 6:45pm1/18/06 6:45pm