SE Xperia Panel Interface Modded to Work on HTC Touch HD

Not sure why anybody would take on this project, but several modders at the xda-developers forum have gotten Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 »11/26/08 3:45am11/26/08 3:45am panel interface to work on . From the look of it, X1 installs, launches and works without much of a speed difference, and the panel interface actually seems nicer on the Touch HD's…

HTC's Next-Gen TouchFLO Windows Mobile 6.1 Interface In Screenshots

Boy Genius has details on "Manilla," the code name for HTC's TouchFLO replacement interface coming on some of their Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphones. There's the improved home screen (above), as well as the improved dialer screens, skinning of the browser and skinning of the comm manager. Our intern tells us that a… »3/28/08 11:45am3/28/08 11:45am

HTC TouchFlo 2.0 Leaked, Covers Up Windows Mobile Even Better?

HTC's TouchFLO UI was great because it was one of the first "skin Windows Mobile to make it usable" applications—even if it isn't quite as good as PointUI. This supposed TouchFlo 2.0 upgrade looks much improved, even if it is still early in the development stage. If you're feeling brave you can actually try and… »1/31/08 2:28pm1/31/08 2:28pm

HTC Pharos Spy Shot - Windows Mobile, GPS and Confusing Name

We're not sure if this HTC Pharos 3470 Windows Mobile Smartphone will actually be called the Pharos when it launches—especially since it gets people confused with Pharos, who also make GPS Windows Mobile smartphones—but this spy shot looks interesting. The phone has a 200MHz OMAP processor, 128MB RAM, 2.8-inch QVGA… »1/17/08 2:02pm1/17/08 2:02pm

Hands-On With the HTC Touch: Windows Mobile Innovation at Last

When's the last time you saw anyone make the slightest bit of innovation on the input scheme for Windows Mobile? Never? We thought so. But that's just what HTC's done with their TouchFLO app on the new Touch smartphone. TouchFLO actually lets you use the pads of your fingers—not just the tip like a stylus—to control… »6/07/07 1:00pm6/07/07 1:00pm