TigerDirect Is Selling the Last TouchPads Today (In a Slightly Less…

I hate bundles. Don't make me buy things I don't want. Especially that dumb stupid Best Buy bundle that shackled a TouchPad to an HP computer. Ugh. Now TigerDirect is liquidating their TouchPads under slightly less annoying bundle terms. Ugh. » 11/04/11 9:59am 11/04/11 9:59am

HP May Be Killing Off WebOS

HP's Computer Division has been spared the guillotine but WebOS may not be as lucky. The Guardian is reporting today that HP may soon kill off the OS designed for the short-lived and now-dead TouchPad tablet. Well, that's a $1.2 billion investment down the tubes. » 10/29/11 2:20am 10/29/11 2:20am

Best Buy's Finally Got More Firesale TouchPads... IF You Buy an HP…

So HP's finally let loose another load of firesale 32GB TouchPads for $149, which will be available at Best Buy Starting November 1st. That would be totally great and welcome news except for one thing: You've got to buy a HP computer to get the sale price. Come on. » 10/28/11 6:24pm 10/28/11 6:24pm

HP Turns the TouchPad Fire Sale into an Everything-But-TouchPads Fire…

People really love this cheap TouchPad thing. So much, in fact, that HP set up an email alert system to let you know when TouchPads are back in stock. Today the emails went out, but it wasn't for TouchPads. It was for printers. And ink cartridges. And literally everything but TouchPads: » 8/30/11 5:00pm 8/30/11 5:00pm

HP TouchPad Becomes #2 Selling Tablet and Will Get Updates

The H in HP must stand for Highlander because the TouchPad cannot freaking die! Even when HP cut off its oxygen, what happens? It becomes the second-best selling tablet in the world! Now HP says they have some updates planned. » 8/30/11 11:19am 8/30/11 11:19am