BlackBerry Storm Review (Verdict: Not Quite a Perfect Storm)

It's hard to overstate how important the BlackBerry Storm is to RIM and Verizon. It's RIM's bold effort to fend off the iPhone and Verizon's best hope for a star handset that draws people in, or at least keeps them from bailing. The Storm's major innovation is what RIM calls SurePress—the entire touchscreen is fat,… »11/20/08 12:01am11/20/08 12:01am

Official Verizon BlackBerry Storm Video Leaked, Actually Looks Kinda Pantsworthy

Update: New embedded video that actually works! »9/15/08 8:30pm9/15/08 8:30pm As , Verizon made its official internal announcement of the today, and ahold of the clip. If you look past the video's asstastic quality, you can see the Storm is way more polished than the various lead us . It really looks like a flagship phone now, actually worthy…