Food Network's Alton Brown Talks to Giz: Caribbean Adventuring With a Garmin, an iPhone and a Shload of Cameras

Tomorrow night at 10PM, Food Network »9/06/08 10:00am9/06/08 10:00am kicks off , where the Mensa-smart kitchen geek and his crew hop into two 50-foot catamarans and sail around 15 different Caribbean islands in search of quality cuisine, shooting and editing the hi-def episodes right there on the boats. It turns out, despite his disdain for…

Mystery Intel Tablet is Panasonic Toughbook for Medical Types

That mystery »8/20/08 4:24am8/20/08 4:24am tablet PC that appeared at the end of Intel's presentation at IDF last night is no Classmate, or super-powered Speak&Spell either: It's a Panasonic Toughbook-alike tablet. More specifically it's a "Mobile Clinical Assistant" device, aimed at doctors and nurses who are under an increasing burden of digital…

What Doesn't Break a Toughbook Makes It Stronger: How They Test the Hell Out of Them

Deep in the northwest corner of Kobe, Japan, there's a factory hidden away among green rice paddies, and sleepy farming villages of tiled roofs. If you were to travel here, to Takatsukadai-the middle of nowhere-you'd find Panasonic's Toughbook plant quietly making notebooks with the world's lowest failure rate. Well,… »7/02/08 4:00pm7/02/08 4:00pm

Panasonic ToughBook CF-U1: Pricing and Specs of the Rugged Little Intel Atom UMPC

Panasonic may have "announced" the ToughBook CF-U1 back in March, but it's only now getting around talking speeds, feeds and wallet drain. Even though it uses Intel's "low cost" 1.33GHz Atom Z520 processor, the little ruggedized UMPC will arrive in August (or later, if the rumored Atom delay is true) at a starting… »6/25/08 11:40am6/25/08 11:40am

Panasonic's Atom-Based Toughbook UMPC Is Mini Hercules

The Toughbook UMPC spotted around CeBIT has been made official by Panasonic. The ultra mobile sports an Atom CPU and runs Vista on its 5.6-inch LCD screen. It is impact resistant like other Toughbooks, and we hope it's just as spill-proof as their notebooks. One thing we can't wrap our heads around is the number pad.… »3/05/08 2:55pm3/05/08 2:55pm

We Dump Coffee, Coke, OJ and Milk All Over a Shiny New Toughbook: Did It Survive?

Click to viewOn Tuesday we asked you about the one thing you wouldn't want spilled on your keyboard, and we were surprised how much you had to tell us. We have a brand new Y7 Toughbook laying around the apartment, which Panasonic claims can handle six ounces of liquid poured right into the keyboard. We decided to put… »2/28/08 4:40pm2/28/08 4:40pm

Panasonic Toughbook Y7, T7 and W7 Are Built to Take a Business-Class Beating

Panasonic's newest Toughbook Y7, T7 and W7 are designed to combat the Homer in you: that is, they're for people who work with sensitive data yet are prone to dropping laptops, spilling drinks and generally messing stuff up. Forget accelerometers, the hard drives in this can take a serious hit at 2.5 feet and on 26… »11/12/07 6:00pm11/12/07 6:00pm

Panasonic Set To Throw Updated 7-Series Toughbooks On the Ground

Panasonic's set to release an updated 7-series version of their Toughbook laptops that can drop 76 centimeters, or 2.49 feet, while on and still function correctly. Although 2.5 feet isn't all that tall, it's about the height of the average desk, which means you can safely launch the so far Japan-only Intel Santa… »9/27/07 7:30pm9/27/07 7:30pm

Panasonic's Toughbook CF-52 Gets Widescreen and 3G Upgrade

Panasonic's Toughbook line got a widescreen upgrade this morning. The new semi-rugged CF-52 has a 15.4-inch WUXGA screen along with a shock-mounted hard drive, spill resistant keyboard, and a magnesium alloy shell. The notebook also comes with the option of embedded EV-DO or UMTS/HSDPA (nice way to stay connected if… »6/04/07 9:45am6/04/07 9:45am

Panasonic Boosts its Ultraportables with Sprint Rev A EV-DO

If last week's ToughBooks were a little too big for your needs, Panasonic today bestowed its ultraportable W5 and T5 ToughBooks with built-in mobile broadband. The cool thing about these notebooks (aside from their slim waist line) is that they're the first rugged laptops compatible with Sprint's EV-DO Rev A network,… »12/19/06 3:36am12/19/06 3:36am

Panasonic Gives ToughBook eLite W5 the Rainbow Treatment

Design-wise, Panny's ToughBooks have always been a little rough around the edges. In an attempt to fix that, the new eLite W5 now comes in seven different color tones ranging from Merlot to Blueprint. We think the system is still under powered (it's packing a 1.2GHz Core Solo processor), but for running basic office… »11/08/06 12:06pm11/08/06 12:06pm