A Raw Chicken Hand Towel Is So Gross and So Clever

The scariest thing in your kitchen—besides maybe the biggest, sharpest knives—is chicken juice; ain't nobody want salmonella. And what better way to have fun with that fear than by having a hand towel that looks eerily similar to a slimey, raw chicken carcass? "Yeah, just rub this on your hands and everything will be… »7/13/13 10:02am7/13/13 10:02am

There Is a Right and a Wrong Way to Use a Beach Towel

You think your beach towel is just some colorful barrier between your ass and the sand? Wrong. That water-wicking blanket is actually an intricately designed instrument, fine-tuned to provide you with the best possible poolside experience. And here's the thing: It's entirely possible that you've been using it wrong… »8/23/12 12:20pm8/23/12 12:20pm

Aquavision Bathroom TV With Heating Rack Keeps Towels Toasty

There are two things we really like about this Towel Rail TV. The first is, of course, the fact that it puts a television in your bathroom (newspapers and magazines are for chumps and literates). The second is the heated towel rack that's attached to the TV. Why would you wipe yourself off with a cold towel? What are… »12/11/07 3:10pm12/11/07 3:10pm