Toy Fair 2007 Round Up: Stupid Moving Toys (Happy Meal Nostalgia FTW)

Actually, these remote-controlled hopping lederhosen aren't that stupid. Pressing the button on the knockwurst remote [insert dick joke here] sends them into a convulsion of bouncing and yodelling for about 15 seconds, after which they shut off automatically. Okay, maybe they are kind of stupid. Sadly, I don't any… »2/15/07 8:00am2/15/07 8:00am


Nerf Nintendo Wii Sports Pack Good for Sports-Inspired Violence

If the Brando Wii Sports accesory pack was still a little too dangerous, you are in luck. Nerf, the company that has embedded violence into every child's mind for the past 30 years, has announced their Wii Sports accessories pack at the 2007 Toy Fair. The best part about these accessories is that after you get beaten… »2/14/07 3:25pm2/14/07 3:25pm

Humping Dog in the Flesh, Boxed and Ready for Valentine's Day Lovin'

There's no new information here or anything like that. It's just the Humping Dog in its retail box, and well, we'll take any excuse we can to post about it. Since it was at the Toy Tokyo booth, it looks like those of you in New York, at least, can get your laptop (or anything else with a USB port) some sweet, sweet… »2/14/07 3:00pm2/14/07 3:00pm