Hands On Enough Nerf Weaponry to Storm the Pentagon: Vulcan Mini-Gun, Hulk Rocket Launcher and Iron Man Repulsor

Click to viewMaybe not the Pentagon, but definitely your whole neighborhood. I wanna rage through mine like Arnold in T2, with the Vulcan mini gun on one arm and the Hulk Abomination Blaster on the other—the big missile on it launches w/ enough force to knock a small, wobbly child on their back. My backup duffle bag… »2/19/08 4:30pm

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera Takes Swimming Lessons to Become Nigh Indestructable

While Fisher-Price's Kid-Tough digital camera was already built to withstand the Guantanamo-level torture your average four-year-old dishes out to their toys, the latest model will hold up to 30 minutes of waterboarding too, despite a rounder, slimmer body. The insides have gotten an upgrade as well, with a 1.3MP… »2/17/08 11:45pm

D-REX Pet Dinosaur Stalks Prey, Bites Your Sister, Doesn't Poop on the Floor

While weren't quite as blown away by D-REX as we were by Elmo Live—"jazz hands" killed our objective judgment—the level of interactivity is pretty impressive for what's supposed to be a dumb child's toy (the kid, not the 'bot). About the size of a small puppy, it behaves semi-autonomously, though it'll follow patterns… »2/17/08 10:45pm

C3PO, Indiana Jones, Clone Wars Trooper Life-Size Lego Models Are Awesomely Huge

We just spotted these great, life-sized Lego models of Indiana Jones, C3PO and a Clone Wars Trooper at the annual Toy Fair. We asked how many Lego bricks it took to construct each one, but were told that it was "a big secret." We couldn't care less, they look amazing, and we desperately need some new office… »2/17/08 11:25am

Awesome Batman Toy Cape With Pop-Out WingsTurns Kids Into Dark Knight

I've wanted to be Batman since I was a little kid, but I've never had the billions required to hire Morgan Freeman to construct swollass para-military gear for me to wield an overwhelming advantage over ill-financed and poorly equipped common criminals. So, I'm going to have to settle for projecting my dreams onto my… »2/16/08 1:30pm

Speed Racer Race-A-Round Sound Helmet Has Us Saying "Vroom Vroom", Crashing Into Walls

Toy cars are fun, but when it comes to acting out our Speed Racer fantasies we want to feel like we're part of the action. Soon we can with the help of the Race-A-Round Sound Helmet. Moving the helmet in any direction triggers a variety of crashing and breaking sounds, and buttons on its side play phrases from the… »2/14/08 5:20pm

Speed Racer vs. Batmobile Zoomdown: Entire 2008 Toy Lineup Get Us All Revved Up

We've got Mattel's entire line of Batman and Speed Racer cars for 2008, and we hope the movies are as geekgasmic as the toys. The Batman lineup punches all of my little fanboy buttons—not only the entire squadron from The Dark Knight, but the two best Batmobiles ever: from the animated series AND Adam Batwest. Speed… »2/14/08 4:30pm