The DohVinci Is the First Handheld 3D Play-Doh Printer For Kids

The 3Doodler was the first handheld 3D printer to hit the market, but its use of heating elements and hot plastic meant that it couldn't be used by kids—arguably one of its main demographics—without parental supervision. So Hasbro's come up with a much safer alernative called the DohVinci that uses a new kind of… »2/19/14 1:40pm2/19/14 1:40pm

Hands-On: the official Lego Ghostbusters is awesome and spot on

A few weeks ago Lego officially revealed that the next fan-designed Cuusoo set to go into production would be Brent Waller's incredibly-detailed Ghostbusters set. And while the brickmasters at Lego made a few tweaks to Waller's design, the results are still definitely worth adding to any Lego collection. »2/16/14 9:26pm2/16/14 9:26pm

A Matryoshka Bat and Ball Hide a Gym Class Worth of Sports Gear

How many times has a trip to the park been undone because you just couldn't decide what sports gear to bring with you? With the AryaBall kit, it's a decision you'll never have to make again because a simple bat and soccer ball turn into everything you need for playing frisbee, baseball, golf, and even football. »2/16/14 2:36pm2/16/14 2:36pm

Building a Tetris Tower Is a Nightmare When the Game Board Is Hovering

Refusing to acknowledge that Tetris and Jenga are both incredibly challenging in their own rights, ThinkGeek has mashed the two of them up into a new game that has you stacking 3D tetromino-like pieces on a game board that actually hovers. Not even that crazy multi-level chess game in Star Trek seems this futuristic. »2/16/14 2:10pm2/16/14 2:10pm

This Tiny Classic Arcade Is as Smart a Watch as You Need

You might think you need a watch that can check email, control your music, and even stay on top of Twitter updates, but you've been misled. ThinkGeek's new Classic Arcade Wristwatch is all you really need strapped to your wrist, especially if you're old enough to remember a time when beating a video game required a… »2/16/14 1:53pm2/16/14 1:53pm

Remote Control Nerf-Firing Robots Are the Answer To Every Kid's Dream

Robots and Nerf, two toys that are the staple of every child's messy bedroom floor, are finally coming together in what could be one of the best (and safest) ways to harass your siblings, parents, and even co-workers. Because Hasbro's new Combat Creatures let you remotely unleash a barrage of foam darts from a safe… »2/16/14 10:54am2/16/14 10:54am

Scrabble's New Electronic Score Tracker Will Save Competitive Families

Realizing the toll that Scrabble has taken on families when it comes to accurately keeping track of the score, Hasbro is introducing an updated version of the game that among other improvements, now includes an electronic score tracker. So no longer will your mom or dad's questionable math affect the outcome of a game. »2/16/14 10:39am2/16/14 10:39am