Smuggling Cell Phones Into a Prison with a Toy RC Helicopter Is a Great Idea...If You Don't Crash

We've seen a million and one clever ways to smuggle a cell phone into a prison before. Hidden inside buttholes, baked into bread and even shot over with a bow and arrow but flying in a phone with a RC helicopter into the prison might be the most tech savvy way yet. Too bad it crashed. »9/26/11 2:40pm9/26/11 2:40pm


Interactive Toy Concepts Blade Runner IV Adds a Rotor, Better Control

Interactive Toy Concepts enhanced its latest radio-controlled helicopter, adding a second tail rotor powered by a tiny micromotor. That makes the BladeRunner IV four-channel flyer easier to control in all directions. The 12-inch mini-chopper wasn't flying yet when we saw it at the big to-do at the Venetian tonight,… »1/06/07 8:53pm1/06/07 8:53pm