A Toyota Prius Was Hacked Into an Energy Generating Roller Coaster Just…

You might ask why someone would want to turn a perfectly good Toyota Prius into a roller coaster that moves at a mere 15mph. I ask why not? » 5/04/11 2:00am 5/04/11 2:00am

China Withholds Valuable Materials Needed for Electric Cars From Japan

Unless China and Japan can sort out their shit and the exportation of rare earth elements can proceed into Japan, the future of electric cars could be thrown into jeopardy. Production of cars like the Prius could slow down dangerously. » 9/23/10 2:40pm 9/23/10 2:40pm

Steve Wozniak Update on His Prius Problems

Steve Wozniak has commented in Gizmodo about his problems with his beloved Toyota Prius, its faulty acceleration software, and his problems reporting this to both Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He's frustrated, and completely right. » 2/02/10 8:58am 2/02/10 8:58am

Toyota Engineers Unique Flower Species to Absorb Prius Manufacturing…

What do you do when the "eco-friendly" car you're manufacturing is actually horrible for the environment to manufacture? Re-engineer nature, obviously! » 10/29/09 1:53pm 10/29/09 1:53pm

2010 Toyota Prius Features Clever 'Touch Tracer' Display

The 2010 Toyota Prius gets 50mpg while bringing dead trees back to life. But maybe more our speed, the car also features a really nifty "Tracer Display" unlike anything we've seen in dashboards before. » 3/03/09 4:00pm 3/03/09 4:00pm

Competition Winner: 3145 Miles Per Gallon

We like to ooo and ahh over gadget-y cars like the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius, especially when rumors swirl about turbocharged engines getting 100 miles per gallon. But then we saw this winner of the SAE Super Mileage Competition, a car which racked up a jaw-dropping 3145 miles per gallon. This is a… » 6/23/06 12:47pm 6/23/06 12:47pm

Plug-In Prius Forthcoming?

We like to keep up with the Toyota Prius since, after all, it is just one big gadget, and now the titans at Toyota are hinting that they might reverse their stance on building a Prius with a plug-in option. Lots of tinkerers such as EnergyCS of California are already modifying the hybrid car to also accept power via… » 6/14/06 10:28am 6/14/06 10:28am

Next Prius: 100MPG, Turbocharged?

We're not really gearheads or grease monkeys, but our Gawker brothers at Jalopnik convinced us to tell you about the next Toyota Prius, since we all know that it's really just one big gadget. Anyway, they're telling us the next Prius might be a firebreather, where its 1.8-liter engine could be turbocharged. Meanwhile,… » 6/06/06 12:55pm 6/06/06 12:55pm

Toyota Prius Hax0rz Pwn That Thang

Besides being green-friendly and oh-so-trendy, the Toyota Prius is also becoming a favorite of ha><0rz everywhere. First, some brilliant master of digital prestidigitation figured out how to disable a couple of annoying noises the Prius makes with a few odd button pushing combinations on the odometer controls. Now… » 2/05/06 10:05am 2/05/06 10:05am