Steve Wozniak Update on His Prius Problems

Steve Wozniak has commented in Gizmodo about his problems with his beloved Toyota Prius, its faulty acceleration software, and his problems reporting this to both Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He's frustrated, and completely right. » 2/02/10 8:58am 2/02/10 8:58am

Competition Winner: 3145 Miles Per Gallon

We like to ooo and ahh over gadget-y cars like the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius, especially when rumors swirl about turbocharged engines getting 100 miles per gallon. But then we saw this winner of the SAE Super Mileage Competition, a car which racked up a jaw-dropping 3145 miles per gallon. This is a… » 6/23/06 12:47pm 6/23/06 12:47pm