"Toilet Paper Researchers" Create 3-Ply Tissue

In what is surely the technological breakthrough of the century, the brightest toilet paper minds at Georgia Pacific have done the impossible—they have created a 3-ply tissue. I know, I know...it's hard to contain your excitement. Can you imagine what this means? I mean, to wipe with something with this caliber of… » 9/17/08 4:40pm 9/17/08 4:40pm

Printed Toilet Paper Flushes Humanity Down the Tubes, Again

This toilet paper printed with manga, trivia and astronomy facts has the potential to change civilization as we know it, affecting generations to come and catapulting Humanity to the Stars. Or maybe destroy the planet. It can go either way, really. It's Japan-only for now, but we demand this ingenious way to educate… » 2/09/08 8:00am 2/09/08 8:00am