Sony TP1 Hands-On: Cylindrical PC Looks like a Roll of Toilet Paper

Even though it was introduced at CES, we're still fascinated by Sony's unusually-designed PC in the round, the TP1. Sony designers say they created this media center PC to fit in with the decor of a living room rather than an office, although we're not sure whose living room they had in mind. We got our hands on this… » 2/27/07 7:50pm 2/27/07 7:50pm

First Fondle: Sony Vaio TP1

Sony let me take the Vaio TP1 media center PC (aka "Roomba or High-Tech Wheel of Cheese") out for a cruise today, and boy do I want a second date. As you'll see in the photo gallery below, it's got WLAN, an SD slot, two USB 2.0 ports, MagicGate and i.Link on the front. The backside includes HDMI, VGA, VHF, two more… » 1/10/07 7:41pm 1/10/07 7:41pm