Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review: A Circle Behind the Curve

Everybody and their mother has brought an activity tracker to market in the last year, but it actually makes sense that Polar—a company with a long history making heart rate monitors—would get into the game. Unfortunately, their first stab at a fitness monitor feels more like a first-draft. » 12/04/13 4:00pm 12/04/13 4:00pm

Fitbit's New, Cheap, Anti-Lazy Gadgets Are Adorable

Remember Fitbit, makers of tiny activity-tracking gadgets for health and fitness? Well, the 2012 models are here and they're smaller, cheaper, and better than their last thingies. After all, fitness-tracking shouldn't be limited to big-pocketed rich people, right? » 9/17/12 1:41am 9/17/12 1:41am

FRWD GPS Watch and Tracker for Runners

Useful for runners, bikers, skiiers, and people who do any activity that involves moving from point A to point B, this FRWD sports computer tracks your progress for later viewing on a PC. The FRWD Recorder Unit contains the GPS, which tracks all the relevant stats like distance and speed and displays it on the FRWD… » 11/22/06 3:26pm 11/22/06 3:26pm