This ARM-Powered Chip Could Work for Decades on a Single Battery Charge

As everything around us, from phones and fridges to bicycles and trash cans, begins to connect to the Internet, there's an increasing desire for low-power chips. Like this one, which can last for over ten years on a single battery charge. » 3/31/15 4:31am 28 minutes ago

Supreme Court Rules Government GPS Trackers Can Break Fourth Amendment

The Supreme Court has confirmed in a ruling that if the government places a GPS tracker on someone's person or their belongings, the act counts as a search—something that remains protected by the Fourth Amendment. » 3/31/15 3:40am Today 3:40am

A Map of the World's Largest Annual Human Migration

In the days and weeks before Chinese New Year, some 700 million people—twice the entire population of the U.S.—cram onto trains, buses, planes and boats to go home. This mass migration is the largest annual movement of humans in the world, and now it can be tracked by smartphone. » 2/18/15 4:50pm 2/18/15 4:50pm

Verizon Won't Stop Using the Tracking Cookie That You Can’t Kill

An online advertising clearinghouse relied on by Google, Yahoo and Facebook is using controversial cookies that come back from the dead to track the web surfing of Verizon customers. » 1/15/15 9:40am 1/15/15 9:40am

The Best Bike Pedal Is One That Catches Thieves

Your bike pedals are boring. These one is not. This one has built-in motion sensors, a cellular radio and a GPS tracker to let you know the instant your bike becomes a target, and help you find it if it gets stolen. And if you've got built-in motion sensors and GPS, why not let those pedals act as a fitness… » 1/04/15 8:25pm 1/04/15 8:25pm

Video: The life of an ant is just like a fun video game

I really enjoyed this video from Shiva Kumar and Siddharth Manugula about tracking the life of ants. It turns them into a video game of sorts, with battery life meters and Wi-Fi signaling and objectives and goals. It's also fun to see 'human' things get digitally imposed into their world like street lamps and mini… » 1/02/15 9:36pm 1/02/15 9:36pm

Rip Curl's GPS Surf Watch: The Most Advanced Waveproof Wearable Yet

It seems like there are GPS watches to track practically any sports activity, from running and hiking to cycling and swimming. So why have surfers been left out in the cold? Rip Curl aims to fix that with the first watch to track just how much gnar you're shredding. » 12/11/14 3:13pm 12/11/14 3:13pm

Oh Good: AT&T Will Stop Putting Undeletable Tracking IDs on Your Phone

AT&T has phased out a controversial tracking program it used that inserted identification tags without an opt-out into users' internet traffic. » 11/14/14 4:02pm 11/14/14 4:02pm

Looksery Changes Your Face In Real Time For Flattering Video Selfies

My eyes are brown. My face is round. But I don't have to show you that. Looksery can give me beautiful baby blues and a chiseled jaw with just a few taps. » 10/25/14 4:01pm 10/25/14 4:01pm

​What Animal Tracks Mean For You

Big ones, small ones, cute ones and dangerous ones. The outdoors is full of animals, but often, the only way you'll know they're there is if you see the tracks they leave. Here's how to identify them and use them to your advantage, even if you're just a casual day hiker. » 9/23/14 2:21pm 9/23/14 2:21pm

Report: iPhone Anti-Tracking Feature Only Works With Cell Data Off…

Back at WWDC in June, Apple told the world that a new iOS 8 feature would stop marketers from spying on users through Wi-Fi. The feature is available now—but it turns out, it only works if you turn off your GPS and disable your cellular connection. Which isn't quite as comprehensive as we may have thought. » 9/26/14 11:37am 9/26/14 11:37am

Google Turns Today's Biggest Privacy Issue Into Weird Playmobil Video

Google wants you to know exactly how it deals with U.S. government requests for user data. That's good! But the company wants to explain it to you with stop-motion wooden toys, like you're some kind of three year old. That's . . . weird. » 3/28/14 9:35am 3/28/14 9:35am

How to Catch a Cheater Using Satellites and Cell Phones

Waiting around for your lover's cheating heart to tell on them won't get you anywhere. But with these sneaky tracking apps and GPS tokens, you'll know exactly whose bed their boots have been under. » 3/22/14 12:00pm 3/22/14 12:00pm

Police Hid Use of Cell Phone Tracker Because Manufacturer Asked Nicely

It appears that at least one police department in Florida has failed to tell judges about its use of a cell phone tracking device because the department got the device on loan and promised the manufacturer to keep it all under wraps. But when police use invasive surveillance equipment to surreptitiously sweep up… » 3/03/14 6:20pm 3/03/14 6:20pm

Should We Really Be Tracking Our Children Like Wildlife?

Many New Yorkers are still mourning the news that the body of Avonte Oquendo, a non-verbal autistic boy, was found on the banks of the East River. To meet—and partially assuage—the grief, Senator Charles Schumer has an idea: let's put tracking chips on autistic children. » 1/27/14 6:20pm 1/27/14 6:20pm

It's Insanely Cheap for Cops to Track Your Cell Phone

At this point, nobody's surprised to hear that the authorities can track your cell phone. But what you might not realize is just how easy and how incredibly cheap it is. » 1/10/14 12:00pm 1/10/14 12:00pm

People Are More Scared of Hacking than Tracking

According to a November survey of 1,000 voters, people are more creeped out by the possibility of a person or group ascertaining their personal information, than the idea that someone might be following their online movements and habits. » 12/22/13 11:33am 12/22/13 11:33am

PSA: Your Phone Logs Everywhere You Go. Here's How to Turn It Off

You probably know your phone can pinpoint your location for GPS, local search, or the weather. Hopefully, you also know that means your phone keeps track of everywhere you go, all the time. Don't be alarmed—it's the trade you make for the features you get. If it makes you uncomfortable, here's how to opt-out. » 12/19/13 5:00am 12/19/13 5:00am

Oh Great, the NSA's Tracking Your Cell Phone's Every Move, Too

If you're an American abroad, the NSA could find out where you are right now, if they wanted to. According to documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the agency's collecting 5 billion records a day on cell phone locations around the world. Some of those are from "incidentally" domestic cell phones. » 12/04/13 3:39pm 12/04/13 3:39pm

Google only has to pay $17 million for tracking people without their knowledge. The search giant just agreed to the sum to settle allegations from 37 states (and DC) that it added cookies to users' computers without consent. Google stopped short of admitting to wrong-doing, though. » 11/18/13 3:58pm 11/18/13 3:58pm