This Aim-Assisted Rifle Is Now Accurate Up to a Mile

Oh, what a difference two years make. The Precision-Guided Firearm (aka the Linux Gun) from TrackingPoint that blew many a mind at 2013's CES is back and better than ever. And by "better" I mean able to hit a target traveling at 30 mph, 1,800 yards out. » 1/09/15 11:58am 1/09/15 11:58am

This Digital Tracking Rifle Scope Only Shoots When Your Target's In…

A company called TrackingPoint has developed what it calls an Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope that lets a shooter virtually mark a location so that the rifle will only fire when the intended target is in its crosshairs. Even if the trigger is squeezed, the rifle will only fire when it's on target. » 11/29/12 3:40pm 11/29/12 3:40pm