Here's what one day of every single click on a computer looks like

Click. Click. Click. It's hypnotic. Click. You don't realize how often you do it on your computer on a daily basis. Click. It's almost mindless when you're reading websites on the Internet. Click. And cycling through windows and apps and. Click. Selecting text. Click And listening to music. Click. It's just so easy to… »1/14/14 12:10am1/14/14 12:10am

OS X Lion's Backward Scrolling Really Emphasizes iOS Direction of Macs

You can change the settings in preferences, of course, but Mac OS X Lion has trackpad scrolling backwards from what's normal. Instead of two finger scrolling down making pages go down, it goes up, like if you were touching the screen. Like iOS. As if we needed more indication that Apple is trying to unify their… »2/24/11 2:32pm2/24/11 2:32pm