Best Buy Will Give You At Least $200 for Your Old iPad 2 or iPad 3

That old iPad 2 of yours too blurry for your precious eyes? That fantastically beautiful screen on the iPad 3 too heavy to lift for your puny muscles? Best Buy is willing to take those old tablets off your hands for at least 200 bucks. This Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th, Best Buy is doing a trade-in event… »7/11/13 7:37pm7/11/13 7:37pm

NextWorth Swaps Your Old iPhone With Someone In Need, Gives You Cash For a Shiny New 3G

Original EDGE iPhones are still going for pretty serious dough on eBay like they were back in June »8/26/08 11:00am8/26/08 11:00am, but if the market is anything like it was around the time of the first launch, you're likely to go through tons of fraudulent winners before you finally get connected with someone who'll actually pay. Saving you that…

Dealzmodo: Gamefly's Trade-In Program is Actually Pretty Good

I was just invited to the beta of the GameFly Trade-In Program because I've been a customer for a while, and the whole thing seems like a brilliant idea. You can apply credit toward your monthly payments only (used games would have been nice), and the prices they offer are actually pretty great compared to what you'd… »3/31/08 7:15pm3/31/08 7:15pm