Circuit City's HD DVD for Blu-Ray Trade-In Confirmed By Sources, Readers

Readers of Gizmodo and Digg have been able to confirm Circuit City's not-so-secret-anymore HD DVD for Blu-Ray player trade-in offer a Circuit City employee told us about yesterday morning. One report from a Giz reader says that he used the offer to get a new PlayStation 3. In addition to this, we just got all the dirt »3/06/08 12:59am3/06/08 12:59am


Circuit City Trading In HD DVD for Blu-Ray Players, Says Employee

According to a Circuit City employee in Chicago, the consumer electronics chain is trading in HD DVD players bought into their stores "within 3 months of the announcement," as opposed to their 30-day return policy. According to the internal memo announcing the demise of the format, they will either give customers a… »3/05/08 4:08am3/05/08 4:08am