Macworld Expo Organizers IDG Have No Plans To Bail on 2010 Show

Even though Apple pulling out of Macworld after this year probably spells the end, IDG is going on record saying they're barreling ahead with Macworld 2010. No, it's not the most shocking announcement, since Macworld is arguably one of the brighter jewels in IDG's portfolio of trade shows that includes everything from… »12/17/08 12:20pm12/17/08 12:20pm

Ziff Davis' DigitalLife Gadget Show Cancelled For 2008

Tech reporters are often caught in tradeshow gridlock: Just as one is ending, another is beginning. This year, the load is lightened a bit by one of them, the Ziff Davis publishing group's own DigitalLife, getting cut at the last minute. We asked why, but in the meantime, we can only guess the reasons: Primarily, we… »8/21/08 2:59pm8/21/08 2:59pm

Totally Bizarre Video Heralds Koreannovation Gadget Show In NYC Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the debut of Koreannovation, the Korea Trade Show in NYC which runs through Thursday. Registration is free (but I think you need to do it in advance). Want to know what kinds of wacky stuff will be there? Watch the insane mashup vid above, mixed by Eclectic Method, veteran masters who have worked for… »5/13/08 12:00pm5/13/08 12:00pm