A Speeding Ticket Camera Company Is Doctoring Evidence Photos

Nothing feels worse than getting a speeding ticket in the mail. What. The. Truck. As if they weren't bad enough as-is, a report from the Washington DC metropolitan area suggests that the cameras used to catch you might not be playing by the rules. In fact, the camera contractors might be fudging the evidence to make… »8/07/13 4:00pm8/07/13 4:00pm

Mini Coyote Saves Us from the Worst Orwellian Abomination Ever: Speedtrap Cameras

Of all the Big Brother things corporations, governments, and other nosy entities that want to examine all the minutiae of our daily lives looking for transgressions of stupid little rules, I feel like speedtrap cameras are the most egregious. Endemic in Europe, they're gaining a foothold in the US. They break the… »11/11/08 11:45am11/11/08 11:45am