LA Train Victim Makes 35 Phone Calls From Beyond the Grave

If you haven't been creeped out yet today, this crazy morbid story from the scene of the recent Metrolink train disaster »9/19/08 12:45pm9/19/08 12:45pm should do the trick. Apparently, family members of passenger Chuck Peck received 35 calls from his cellphone throughout the night of the crash. There was nothing but static on the other end of the…


Synth Glitch Creates On-Stage Disaster for Van Halen

And now for a Friday musical interlude, we bring you Van Halen caught on its comeback tour, except there was one big problem and it involved gadgets. What happens when you play back a prerecorded synthesizer track at 48K instead of the intended 44.1K? The whole track plays back a little bit faster and at a slightly… »10/19/07 2:46pm10/19/07 2:46pm