Pioneer Sneakers Light Your Way With Built-In Headlights

Designers Feijun Chen & Bin Zhao clearly were reading Skymall when they dreamed up these "Pioneer" sneakers with built-in recharging headlights. They've got a battery inside which charges on each step, using some mysterious tech that doesn't look piezoelectric. Apparently this can power the LEDs in the front for a… » 4/03/08 6:52am 4/03/08 6:52am

Nike Air Trainers: Marketing Machine of the Transformers Movie Takes…

Hot on the heels (did you see what I just did there?) of the Optimus Prime helmet comes a pair of trainers from Nike. The colorway of silver*, red patent, blue and yellow just shrieks Optimus, dahlinks, and will transform (oh, look, I've done it again) the wearer into a bona-fide beetle-crushing superhero. The movie… » 3/09/07 8:11am 3/09/07 8:11am